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Be Inspired and Transformed


She is a business owner and walks in the shoes of entrepreneurs who strive and thrive to build a successful business. She is a trainer, coach and she writes about business ownership – sometimes dramatic – and the journey and lessons she has learned through her experience and through the work she does with her clients. Her books celebrate those who plan to succeed and elevates those who have stumbled, scrape their knees and need a helping hand to find their breakthrough.

 For over 20 years, Renzie has been helping CEOs and her clients to understand the mindset to breakthrough “good enough will do.” She excels at helping her clients to become leaders, influencers, and catalysts for change. Her markets are commercial, non-profit, and the federal government.

The content shared in these books offer a valuable insight and will inspire you breakthrough what is holding you back, tap into your strengths and be resilient to build your dream to be a successful business owner.

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“Success starts with mindset! When we fail to grow as a leader, we become a relic. When we fail to grow our business, we become irrelevant and obsolete.”

Renzie L. Richardson

Go Big!

A Boss Attitude For Success

This book will inspire you to jump forward. Go Big! Become the BOSS you are!

The stories, lessons learned from my clients, and lessons I’ve learned as a business owner will inspire you, add your tools to your chest, and help you connect with new possibilities to find a balance between taking your business to the next level and living a happier life.

You know in your heart who you are and the superpowers you have hidden inside. This book will inspire you, motivate you, and give you the courage to break through the stuff holding you back – you are a BOSS!

Built OSpiritual Strength


What Is Your Storm?

Some of us are weathered by elements

It takes to be a winner

To get back up on our feet

Some of us are broken

But we have the will to keep going

We lost our way, but we stick and stay

We are a BOSS!


Big Joe

The Rainmaker & Nephew Leech

Using the art of storytelling, this business book is written with a flair of entertainment to engage the reader. It is a parable about the fatal mistakes of a business owner and the lessons he learned.

Ego unhinged. Drama. The fall. The rise.

This is not a business textbook. Big Joe, The Rainmaker & Nephew Leech by Renzie L. Richardson is a story that seeks to shed light on fatal mistakes that can put a business in shambles. When Big Joe, the CEO, returned from his latest global trek and realized the Rainmaker stole a major contract, he contacted a fixer to help him save his company.


12 Step Program

Signature Coaching Workbook

It is hard to be a catalyst for change and sustain it when the business owner needs to change their thinking and behaviors that are obstacles. It’s hard to design a work-around solution because the business owner, CEO, or entrepreneur is the brand and the business.  

Mind Your Business 12-Step Signature Coaching Workbook offers business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs mindful strategies to grow and scale their businesses.  A part of the  MYB Signature Coaching Program, this guide is a resource tool to facilitate an introspective look at strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to become a catalyst for change and a champion for sustainable growth. For more information about the coaching program go to create a link for this: https://renzierichardson.com/work-with-me/ 

HR Matters

For Cannabis Companies

According to Forbes, USA cannabis sales hit a record of $17.5 Billion as Americans consumed more cannabis than ever before. The market demand is inspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs to take a leap into an industry experiencing substantial market growth. In 2020, legal sales across the USA hit a record of $17.5 billion, a 46% increase from 2019, according to a new report.

As the widespread legalization of cannabis has gained momentum, entrepreneurs and business owners need to have the support of a knowledgeable, experienced HR professional to steer the legal landscape.

This book speaks to the five reasons that cause companies to fail. If you want to stay in business and lead the cannabis market, you need to stay abreast of the government regulations at the national, state, and federal level.

Does It Really Matters?

This short video offers a preview of HR Matters for Cannabis Companies and how HR professionals, business owners, and startups can use it as a guide.

If you are building a company and want to avoid the FATAL FIVE risk factors that can jeopardize your license, build a culture that will attract and retain the best talent, and champions leadership development, get your copy of this book today!

Hello, I’m Renzie!

Where are you now…where do you want to go?



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Five Ways to Go Big and Win!

As a small business owner, you already know that the primary focus in the workplace lies in successfully achieving business objectives at the individual, team, and organizational levels. However, sometimes this tunnel vision can make you lose sight of the fact that...

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